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Knowledge is Power 

So let's amp up your power from the best minds in tech



& Youtube Show.


Tech Entrepreneur Vee Globell sits down and chats to some of the best minds in tech.

 Learn about technology, business and whats new in tech!

Vee Globell

 meet the host 

Hi, I’m Vee

Startup founder, self education advocate and casual futurist. 

Curiosity has always played a pivotal role in my life.

I believe that curiosity is the seed of innovation and knowledge is its food for growth.

This mindset ignited the show Techknowledgeables. 

Techknowledgeables was created to share the knowledge, empower individuals and inspire innovation. 


Because what we learn today, we can apply tomorrow and build a better future for our world! 


Created for 




Tech Heads

those with a desire to learn.  

because with knowledge & inspiration anything is possible


Meet the


...those knowledgeable in tech.


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