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Alexis Soulopoulus

CEO & Cofounder of Mad Paws

This week I caught up with Alexis Soulopoulos CEO & cofounder of Mad Paws, to talk all things Sharing Economy and how he turned an Idea into a multi-million dollar company, making it to the Forbes 30 Under 30's list.  Mad Paws matches pet owners with sitters, and has 15,000 approved sitters and dog walkers, with 300,000 pets across Australia on its books. During the last year, the company has tripled its growth and has signed a commercial deal with Qantas, allowing mad Paws users to accrue Qantas frequent flyer points while using the service.

He gives and inside look into what it really is like for a Startup Founder to launch a two-sided market place, and the tips he used to grow Mad Paws into a successful Business.

We go into depth about trust, specifically in the sharing economy, and whether you first build for demand or supply. Alexis speaks about the early days, and how he had to go outside of his comfort zone to get the job done as a founder.

When launching a Startup, speed to market is essential, and Alexis covers the strategy Mad Paws used to launch successfully.

Finally, Alexis gives us pointers on how to get funding for your startup and specific networking strategies to aid in the process.

Connect with Alexis on Instagram here

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