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Fred Schebesta

Co Founder & CEO of Finder

This week I spoke with Co Founder & CEO of Finder, Fred Schebesta. Finder is a fintech company, helping people around the world make better financial decisions and improve their lives.

He goes into whether a founder is born or bread, and what enables a person to get off the steady 9-5 job routine, and start their own entrepreneurial journey.

We go into depth on all things co-founders including: why Fred's relationship with his co-founder Frank has enabled him to succeed in the business space, a how to choose a co founder and the types of pairs of co founders that he has seen blossom.

When thinking about innovation & success, Fred gives you his top three tips for Startups to get a product to market, and helps you become a better entrepreneur. 

We then take a behind the scenes look into what it takes to expand your Startup internationally, and how to succeed scaling your business in different markets, including how to source the best talent in the most competitive cities in the world.

We then delve into cryptocurrency and why he compares our present day with the beginning of he dot com era.

Finally we take a look into Open banking, what this means for you today and in years to come.

Check out Freds Instagram here

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