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Mike Monnik

Founder CTO Dronesec, Management Consultant Privasec

This week we sit down with Mike Monnik, Founder & CTO of Dronesec and Managing Consultant of Privasec, Australia's leading Governance and Cyber Security Partner & Australia's fastest-growing security Consultant firm. Mike has a passion for all things cyber security, and in this Techknowledgeables chat, we will be looking particularly into drone security.

Mike goes through his journey to Cyber Security, specifically what lead him to Drone Security. He touches on the importance of drone security and how anyone can Hack into a Drone. The use of drones (UAVs Unmanned ariel vehicles) has exponentially increased over the past decade and with the recent commercial availability of small drones, the threat posed by these machines is being widely questioned.

We look into Drone deterrence, specifically for malicious UAVs (weaponised drones) and the biggest players in the space, including Airports, Stadiums & Prisons.

We delve deeper into how to deal with illegitimate parties weaponising drones including three strategies to take down a UAV. With a key example centring around the Middle East and how US troops have fought against Drone threats.

We then look into 5G and how this will have a major effect on UAV use.

Connect with Mike on Instagram here

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