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Tell Muller Pettenpohl

Cofounder & CTO Wattcost

This week I sat down with Tell Muller -Pettenpohl, the Co-founder and CTO of IoT Startup Wattcost. Wattcost is a Sydney based IOT Startup that has created a sensor to help you save money on your power bill by optimising the electricity consumption in your home. Tell is passionate about technology's role in improving people lives, and is currently enjoying solving Wattcosts big data challenges.

We delve into what traits he looks for in candidates applying to work at Wattcost, with culture playing a big role in the decision making process. The importance of communication and fostering relationships is discussed, especially with rapid growth on the horizon.

We speak about the future of the IoT space, and what that will mean for me and you - especially in the automation of home appliances. We touch on data privacy and encryption for emerging IoT companies.

Tell describes the challenges he has faced in Wattcost bringing a hardware product to market. The long game is the game you have to play when considering R&D and he explains the Wattcost unique process to launch.

When marketing a B2C company (Business to Customer/consumer) you must take into consideration the design of the product. Tell discusses the difference in B2B and B2C design, for the Wattcost sensor.

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